MRT models are mainly topless tower crane product


LR models are mainly used in extremely high type structures, bridges, dams and on larger scale such as power plant.

Tower Crane Rental Services

Large-scale construction projects require systems with significant technology. Did you know that you can take advantage of our tower crane rental services that you can reduce the financial costs of your projects? Moreover, our brand high-tech tower cranes, which will bring brand value to your project, are designed in a highly functional structure. Thanks to these systems that will save you from significant costs in every sense, it is possible to have the pride of delivering your project in time you are committed. You know very well that only a tower crane can do many tasks that hundreds of employees cannot accomplish.

You Are in The Right Place for Rental Tower Crane

Of course, each project has its own set of differences, and the all projects needs sufficient equipment required. Therefore, we remind that we are an organization that can respond to your requirements for the most professional rental tower cranes with different functions based on the characteristics of the project. Raimondi Cranes has a variety of tower cranes in different sizes and y the flexibility to choose the most suitable model for project. As a result, there is no need for you to face extreme equipment costs for your work. In addition to all other services, including tower crane rental services, many of the payment facilities are provided.

Tower Crane Rental Price Shows Variability According To The Model You Choose

Tower crane systems, each with different functions, vary in price. It is unlikely to be able to provide a fix price for rental tower cranes . You can contact us by phone numbers or other communication options on our website to find out the latest prices instantly.

MRT Series Tower Cranes

LR Series Tower Cranes

Please make sure that the systems with these superior features are offered to you with the most suitable and optional solutions according to the market conditions.

We will be happy to serve you by solving your problems with fast and low costs.

It has taken its place among the respected companies of the construction sector. Akem group provides consultancy and advisory services to the companies they represent on project management and management issues.